Official Preview & News

We’ve had a tremendous response to our first official preview of our motion picture Jeff’s World.  A common response we received from people with experience in the movie making biz is that we are on the verge of hitting a home run.  With a few simple tweaks to the movie we’ve got something with the potential to really go far.  Because of this we were faced with a decision.  We could either continue on as we were and finish the movie and have something that’s pretty okay.  Being that we’ve been making this movie on a micro budget with three people doing the work of three or four people each, it is absolutely amazing we’ve been able to maintain the level of quality that we have.  Pretty okay would be an acceptable outcome.  Or we can regroup and shoot this thing with a bigger budget that would allow us to have a full crew and the resources we need to hit that homerun.  Being that it is very rare that movie makers have a screenplay in hand with so much potential we decided it would be foolish to squander this opportunity.  We’re going to go for the home run!

So what we’re doing right now is regrouping and working on finding investors so we can raise at least $100,000 to make this movie with a full crew.  Our goal is to secure the money so we can shoot the entire film over one month next spring, 2013.  It would be completed by fall 2013.  This also buys us the time to really plan this project out so that when we go to shoot, it is done with absolute excellence.  The thing about the process of making a movie is that it is similar to an iceberg.  They say the iceberg you see above the water actually only about 30% of it.  The majority of the iceberg is underwater, out of sight.  The same is true with a good movie.  The majority of work takes place during preproduction, before the actors ever stand in front of the camera.  This is the phase we are in now.  We’ll continue to keep you posted on our progress.  Thanks for your support!

Jeff”s World Preview


We have been making tremendous progress on shooting Jeff’s World. A few months ago we raised enough money to shoot a preview of the movie which also happens to be the first few minutes of the film. But we had enough money left over to shoot a few more scenes. So we knocked out the interior office scenes, all the scenes that take place in Jeff’s apartment and the scenes that take place in Frank’s (the apartment manager’s) office. We’re off to a great start. The actors are simply amazing. The truth is, for a movie with this low of a budget the caliber of actors we’ve got is incredible. These folks aren’t your typical cheesy low budget movie actors. They’re making this movie into something remarkable. Frankly, those of us working behind the scenes scratch our heads and ask ourselves, “How on Earth did we end up with such an extraordinary cast?”

Right now we’re back to fund raising mode. We used up all the money that was donated to us during our first fund raisers. We’d like to raise enough money to completely finish the movie. Our goal is to have the movie completed by the fall. So we’ve shifted gears and now we’re looking for five investors to invest $5000 each into the movie. These investors would receive a percentage of all the profits that come in plus be named in the credits as Executive Producers. If you know anybody who may be interested please let us know.

So that’s where we’re at right now. We’re hoping to secure all the finances we need over the next few weeks so we can return to shooting the movie before we lose our momentum.

First Shoot

We shot the first few minutes of Jeff’s World over the weekend so we can create a preview.  It was because of the generous donations of several people we were able to do this.  Take a look behind the scenes!


Meet associate pastor Jeff Delay played by Ethan Ireland


Actor Ethan Ireland & Writer/Producer Loren Rosser on the set


Loren Rosser, Bob Humphrey, Rachel & David Fredrickson preparing to shoot


Jeff's World make-up artists


Young Jeff (Seth McCracken) and his Sunday School pals


Jeff's Mom (Laura Bendixsen), Teen Jeff (Vito Nole), and Rev. Delay (Jim Munch)


Teen Jeff (Vito Nole) and his mother (played by Laura Bendixsen)


Steve Trumbauer playing the song leader


Bob shooting teen Jeff getting baptized


That's a wrap!







Production has begun!

Three vehicles packed to the roof with all sorts of boxes, cases, plants, food and furniture.  A garage sale one would think.  No this is how movies are made!  Our caravan descended on the location for our first day of shooting for Jeff’s World.

Our actors arrived ready to go, our make-up team from face2face set up a make shift green room.  Lights, camera, action!  It was on.  Despite the clunkiness of first day jitters, techincal curve balls, we got ‘er done, or ‘in the can’ to use proper movie parlance.  —bob humphrey

All Systems are a GO!

It’s official!  We are shooting the first few minutes of Jeff’s World next Saturday and Sunday!  (April 22 & 23)  Thanks to the generous donations of several kind people out there we raised all the money we need to make this happen.  So the actors are busy learning their lines and getting their costumes ready, Ellen Humphrey is putting together the decorations we need on the walls of the sets and preparing the food for the actors and the crew, while Bob, David, and I (Loren) are putting the crew and the gear together, gathering the props, and working out our story boards.  This is going to be a whole lot of fun!

All systems are a go…we are ready for lift off!!!

Meet Frank!

Actor Joe Yoder is Frank in Jeff's World

My name is Joe Yoder and I am playing Frank in the production of “Jeff’s World.” I could not be more excited and grateful to be cast as this wonderful character in this excellent movie. I totally fell in love with Frank. He is the kind of guy I aspire to be. It seems like all the characters in this movie have great things to offer their community and fellow humans. Even though there are ups and downs, just like we all experience in day to day life, truth, goodness and the right thing to do prevail.

I was at first very apprehensive about being in this film due to the Christian nature of the plot. I soon found out, by reading the script that this is a character based movie in a Christian setting. You really get to know, love and identify with these people who are just like us, that just happen to be based in a Church setting. It was fascinating to me to find out lots of the inner workings of a successful Church. I was raised in the United Methodist Church and had no idea all of these things went on behind the scenes. It has given me a new respect for the way churches are operated.

I simply love the writer, director and all of the producers. This is a high-class professional, feature length “Hollywood” movie produced completely with local cast and crew. Once completed, I see it winning film festivals and getting a wide distribution with great success. Seriously, it is just that good! I guarantee you will love it as much as I do.

Anything you can personally do to support this project will help tremendously. Whether it be monetary, or coming out to be part of the crew or just deep prayer, we can use all the help we can get to get this excellent project completed and start changing peoples’ lives for the better.

Joe Yoder (AKA…Frank)

Make your donation to help produce Jeff’s World.  Click here!

New Campaign!

Okay, here it is!  People have been wondering what we’re going to do to raise money for the movie after the Kickstarter page timed out without us reaching our goal.  Here is our all new plan.  Step one is we need a preview.  We realized that people are having a hard time wrapping there heads around this movie because, frankly, nothing like it exists.  Some people are afraid that it is going to be a cheesy, preachy Christian movie while others are afraid it’s going to bash Evangelical Christianity.  And it’s understandable that people have those fears because those are the only reference points that currently exsist when it comes to movies that take place inside the Evangelical world.  So, we realized people need to get a taste of the movie so they can wrap their minds around it and be excited about backing it.  That’s why our first step is to shoot a preview.  But since we want people to really get a feel for the movie we decided to kill two birds with one stone.  The preview will actually be the first few minutes of the movie.  This is what the movie Lion King did and it proved to be quite successful.  So not only will we end up with a great preview, a few minutes of the movie will be in the can.

After the preview is complete we will raise the money for the movie in segments.  We’ve already broken the screenplay down into five segments – 1. The church service / large gathering scenes. 2. The apartment scenes.  3. The flashback scenes / illustrated story scenes. 4. The church office scenes.  5. Annimated sequences.  We will raise the money to shoot each one of these segments seperately.  Then once all these segments are done we’ll raise the money needed for post production including, editing, sound design, and music.  This will break down the $75,000 needed to complete this movie into managable bite sized pieces.

We have also moved our fund raising efforts away from Kickstart and over to Indiegogo.  The reason for this is that Kickstarter doesn’t let us keep the money people pledge unless the entire fundraising goal is met by the deadline.  So that means we didn’t get a dime of the $3,300 we raised on Kickstarter because we didn’t reach our goal of $25,000 so nobody’s cards were charged.  Indiegogo, on the other hand, will let us keep whatever is donated.

We have launched our campaign to raise the money to shoot the preview.  We are looking to raise $2,700 by Friday April 20.  We’re off to a good start! If you previsiously pledged on Kickstarter, make sure to bring that donation over to Indiegogo.  Just follow the link.

How much will you contribute?

Casting is finished!


After two main audition calls, and a few micro auditions, we’ve casted almost 60 roles for our movie Jeff’s World.  We’d like to thank Back 2 One studios for assisting us in this effort.  We’ve also made progress in selecting our crew and are now turning our attention to filling out the remainder crew spots that need to be filled.

Thank you for making your pledges to Jeff’s World on Kickstarter 

-bob humphrey

A Little Q&A

We woke up to some awesome news today.  We have now raised over ten percent of the money needed for us to shoot this movie!  We have 22 days left to reach our goal, which means if people continue to make pledges this thing WILL HAPPEN!

We’ve been getting a lot of questions from people regarding making pledges, so I’d like to take a moment to address those.  We’re raising the money we need to shoot this movie on a website called Kickstarter.  Kickstarter is a platform that was created for the very purpose of helping people fund their creative endeavors.

The way this works is a funding goal and a deadline are set.  In our case our goal is $25,000 and our deadline to reach that goal is March 24, 2012.  People go to our Kickstarter project website and click on the “Pledge” button.  Then they enter the amount they would like to pledge.  But, their credit cards are NOT charged until March 24, IF the fund raising goal of $25,000 is reached.  So people can make pledges at anytime.  They don’t have to wait for payday, as long as they know they’ll have the money by March 24.  However, if the goal of raising $25,000 is not reached by the deadline, their cards will NEVER be charged and we won’t receive one cent.  It’s all or nothing.  We either raise ALL the money by the deadline or we receive NOTHING and the movie goes on hold.  (This is why it’s crucial that people make their pledges now.)

The pledges are all made through Amazon.  So making a pledge is simple, fast, and secure.  If you already have an account with Amazon then it’s a total breeze because you can use your account to make the pledge.

Now that these things are cleared up, why not make a pledge today?  Click here.